Recount Text

A recount is the unfolding of a sequence of events over time (Derewianka, 1990: 14). It is about recreating past experience in using language to keep the past alive and to interpret the experience. Based on the definition of recount about retelling events for the purpose of informing or entertaining, a recount has text organizations that consist of three parts. They are classified into orientation that provides the setting and introduces participant about the background information answering who, when, where and why; events which are about what happened and in what sequence; and re-orientation which is optional-closure of events (Gregot & Wignell 1994: 194).

Derewinaka (1990: 15) claim that a recount text is classified into several types:

Personal Recount: retelling of an activity that the writer/ speaker has been personally involved in.

Factual Recount: recording the particulars of an incident.

Imaginative Recount: taking on an imaginary role and giving details of events.

To get more explanations about Recount Text, you can got it from here. Recount Text PPT


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