Memoriam of G30 S PKI in Lubang Buaya

“Hello guys, I hope you are not bored to read my post. Again, I want to share but today I will share about the history in Indonesia. This is the history incident that happened in Indonesia 1965 . It became a sadness story because some of Indonesian patriot has died in this incident. I hope you read it carefully because it is the important history of Indonesia.”


Lubang Buaya is located in Pondok Gede, Jakarta. This place is one of the most historic places for the people of Indonesia. Lubang Buaya is a place where victims of the G 30 S PKI killed. Lubang Buaya name itself comes from a legend that says there are white crocodiles in the river which is located near the area.

On 1st October 1965, early day. Six senior generals and some other people were killed in means coup d’etat that blamed to all of the palace guard (Cakrabiawa) that rate loyal to PKI and at that time was lead by Letkol. Untung. Commander Commando Strategy Lift Land on that time, Major General Soeharto then held a destruction about movement mentioned.

At the critical situation at September 1965, appear an issue about Council General that reveal about some of highest infantry that didn’t satisfied toward Soekarno and intend to make him fall. Because of this issue, Soekarno was called as the leader whose command Cakrabirawa army to catch and take them to be judged by Soekarno. However, out of prediction, at the operation of round-up those generals, come some way measure, person who cannot control his emotion and killed Letjen Ahmad Yani, Panjaitan, and Harjono.

PKI is the biggest communist party around the world, out from Tiongkok and Unisoviet. The member of this party is about 3,5 million, and plus by 3 million from young movement. PKI also controlled the movement of unity worker that have 3,5 million members and the movement of rank farmer that have 9 million members. Including (Gerwani) the movement of woman, writer organization and artist, and the movement of scholar, PKI have more than 20 million members and supporters.

On July 1959 parliament was dismissed and Sukarno stabilize constitution below president’s decree. Once more with full support from PKI. He strengthen the army with promoting the military generals into the position he consider is important. Sukarno operate system of “Demokrasi Terpimpin”. Then, PKI welcome Soekarno’s “Demokrasi Terpimpin” warmly and believe that he has credential for federation of Conseption is that between  Nasionalist, Religion and Communist that called “Nasakom”.

At the era of “Demokrasi Terpimpin”, collaboration between leadership of PKI and community of national bourgeois in order to press the movements of independent of worker community and peasant, was failed in solving politics problems and economy that very urgent. Export income become sagging, foreign reserves was also decreasing, inflation keep increasing and corruption bureaucrat of military becomes epidemic.

On the visit of Menlu Subanto to Tiongkok, Prime Minister Zhou Enlai gave 100.000 tip of chung’s weapon. This offer was free and without requirements, and then it was reported to Bung Karno, he hasn’t decide the moment until G 30 S PKI explode.

They are the high officials that were killed.

Letjen TNI Ahmad Yani (Menteri/Panglima AngkatanDarat/Kepala Staf Komando Operasi Tinggi)

   He is known as a soldier that always has an opposite with PKI.  When he officiated as Commander of Ground Forces since 1962, he rejected PKI’s will to establish Fifth Force that consist of farmer and worker. Because of that he becomes one of the PKI’s target that will be kidnapped and killed between 7 higher Ground Forces through G30S. He was shot at mess hall in his house, On D58 Lembang Street, Menteng at 04.35 am on 1st October 1965. His body then found at Lubang Buaya.

Mayjen TNI Raden Suprapto (Deputi II Menteri/Panglima Angkatan Darat bidang Administrasi)

tt Suprapto whose was born in Purwokerto, June, 20, 1920, we can say that his age almost same with High Commander Sudirman. His age distance is only 40 years younger than High Commander. His formal education after graduate from MULO (just like Junior High School) was AMS (just like Senior High School) part B in Yogyakarta that finished on 1941.



Mayjen TNI Mas Tirtodarmo Haryono (Deputi III Menteri/Panglima AD bidang Perencanaan dan Pembinaan)

ttt Lieutenant General TNI Anumerta Mas Tirtodarmo Haryono (was born in Surabaya, East Java, 20 Januari 1924 – died at  Lubang Buaya, Jakarta, 1Oktober1965 at age 41 years) was one of the revolution heroes in Indonesia who was killed at G 30 S PKI incident. His body was buried at TMP Kalibata – Jakarta.



Mayjen TNI Siswondo Parman (Asisten I Menteri/Panglima AD bidang Intelijen)

tttLieutnant General TNI Anumerta Siswondo Parman (was born in Wonosobo, Central Java, 4 Agustus 1918 – died di Lubang Buaya, Jakarta, 1 October 1965 at age 47 years) or well known as S. Parman. He is one of the revoliton heroes in Indonesia and military figure in Indonesia. He was killed at G30SPKI and got a title Lieutenant General Anumerta. His body was buried at TMP Kalibata, Jakarta.



Brigjen TNI Donald Isaac Panjaitan (Asisten IV Menteri/Panglima AD bidang Logistik)

tttt Panjaitan was born in Balige, Tapanuli, 9 Juni 1925. His formal education was start from Elementary School, and then he continued his study to Junior High School, and the last of his study was in Senior High School. When he graduated from Senior High School, Indonesia was in Japan’s occupation. So that, when he become member of military he has to follow training of Gyugun. After he finished his training, he was assign as Gyugun’s member in Pekanbaru, Riau until Indonesia proclaim independence.


Brigjen TNI Sutoyo Siswomiharjo(Inspektur Kehakiman/Oditur Jenderal Angkatan Darat)

tttt Major General TNI Anumerta Sutoyo Siswomiharjo (was born in Kebumen, Central Java,  23 Agustus 1922– died in Lubang Buaya, Jakarta, 1Oktober 1965 at age 43 years old) he was a major general TNI whose become victim at the G30S PKI incident in Indonesia. His body was buried in TMP Kalibata, Jakarta. General TNI Abdul Harris Nasution whose become the main target, could survive from the assassination trial. Otherwise, his daughter Ade Irma Suryani Nasution dan his adjutant, Lettu CZI Pierre Andreas Tendean is dead in the assassination trial.

Pierre Andreas Tendean


They are national heroes who died on the battlefield at the G30 SSPKI rebellion. Their courage in the face of the rebels is something that we have to follow either for Indonesian people or you people.




“Thanks for your read, I hope this post can be beneficial for you”.

Source: Google and Wikipedia


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