Introducing About Baduy

Hallo guys, today I want to share about my duty when I have to become a Tour guide. In this duty, I give a tour about Baduy based on my experience in there. I have to act as a tour guide and describe all about Baduy based on my memory to that place. So, please enjoy it 🙂


Hallo everybody, good morning, nice to meet you, my name is Reza Ajie Saputra. On behalf of Kanekes Tour’s, I’d like to welcome you all to Baduy. The tour from the Baduy luar  to the Baduy dalam will spend much time for 6 hours. Right now I’d like to take a minute to familiarize you with the area and discuss some brief safety precautions. The first, I will remind you to do not take the photos in Baduy dalam and remember the foreign peoples are not allowed to enter to Baduy dalam. Second, there’s not allowed to bring the things that can make noisy in Baduy dalam. Third, there’s not allowed to bring the soap or shampoo that contain of the chemicals in Baduy dalam. The last, I suggest to bring a raincoat, a flashlight, and wearing slippers mountain, beside that I also suggest you to bring the candles because in Baduy dalam isn’t allowed to use a lamp as a lighting and also bring some foods to be eaten with the homeowner.

Baduy is an appellation from the Netherlands researchers that equate them with the Saudi badawi group who is a nomadic people migrating. But, Baduy peoples prefer to be called as Kanekes peoples that appropriate with the name of the village “Kanekes”. Baduy peoples are located at the foot of the Kendeng mountains in Kanekes, Leuwidamar, Lebak regency, is about 40 km from the Rangkasbitung city. Baduy peoples are divided into the two groups, Baduy dalam and Baduy luar. Baduy dalam peoples are follow the mosaic custom with tightly, usually they wear white clothes, and also they are not allowed to use the vehicle, electronic tools, and footwear. They live in three village, Cibeo, Cikertawana, and Cikeusik. While, Baduy luar peoples are the peoples who have been out of the mosaic custom and out from the region of Baduy dalam, usually they wear black clothes, and also they have used everything that has not allowed in mosaic custom of Baduy dalam. They live in the villages that around Baduy dalam region, there are Cikadu, Kaduketuk, Kadukolot, Gazeboh, Cisagu, and so on.

In Baduy, There is a very beautiful panorama, the green hills, the clean rivers, and the trees that very leafy. There are the bridges that connect one village to another village. This bridge is made of bamboo which is very sturdy, without nails, and bound by the straw from the enau trees. This is a wonderful architecture that made by Kanekes peoples. Besides that, traditional house of Baduy also has a beautiful architecture. Traditional house of Baduy is the platform house that made of bamboo which is very sturdy, with the leaves root, and the stones river that serves as the buffers of the house. We can buy durian that has very sweet, honey, and keranji acid with very cheap cost.

Thank you for accept our service, Kanekes Tour’s, as the guide for your travel in Baduy. I hope our service made you become satisfied and all of the information can be useful for you.

So, that is all about my experience of Baduy which applied into the act of tour guide. Thank you for you read. I hope this can be beneficial for you.

Source: My Experience


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I am a researcher of educational process. This blog has made to support my research.

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