The Important Of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in Language Teaching


Science and technology is the one result of human effort to get the life which has better, which was started at the beginning of life. The education as well as science and technology are concerned each other as we know that science and technology has become the constituent part in the education contents. In the other words, education is the importance type in the inheritance and development of science and technology. The need for technological innovation has brought about communication revolution and rapid development of technological application in language teaching and learning. This has contributed to the development of improved language communication in the world.

The growth of English language around the globe is actually based on the issues of bilingualism, multilingualism, colonialism, trade, communication, etc. Based on this spread and development, the need for the use of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) in language teaching/learning programme is indispensable. ICT (information and communications technology – or technologies) is an umbrella term that includes any communication device or application, encompassing: radio, television, cellular phones, computer and network hardware and software, satellite systems and so on, as well as the various services and applications associated with them, such as videoconferencing and distance learning. It is important to note that this spread and development is paramount when computers are no longer the exclusive domains of the privileged few, rather it is being made available to many.

The application of technology in language teaching has become an indispensable tool in the contemporary world as a powerful means for communication and education. Technology has come of age as a language teaching resource as a result of which, communication revolution is having tremendous impact on language education. In as much as the use of technology in language education dates back into history; technology has significantly revolutionized language education both in theory and practice over the years across the globe.

ICT provides the basic technology for assisting language teaching/learners to acquire important communication skills in English language. This will facilitates the integration of relevant technologies in the development of world’s language education system. Through ICT, computer-based resources such as the internet are used to deliver, equip and assess learning and teaching materials. It is a known fact that language is dynamic, the English language, like any other language has spread to all parts of the globe, it is on this basis that this paper examines the language from a global perspective.

ICT has transformed education and made it more interactive. It has empowered teachers/students practically and theoretically in the use of technological facilities. ICT enhances efficiency in a work place, it increases the speed of communication around the globe and it is helping teachers and students to keep up-to-date academic communication. For example, the internet can be used as the source of knowledge, as an aid for learning (instructional aid), as teaching or learning facility, as a standard of competency, as an administrative equipment, as a supporting equipment for the school management, and as an educational infrastructure.

ICT has become important because it has many effects in education, there are: increase access to teachers knowledge and development through interactive Technology, increase the students awareness on the importance of technology, increase access to Instructional resources, increase flexibility in what to learn, how to learn and when to learn, train teacher to improve his competence in using the new technologies in his instructional activities, and increase governmental support in technological programmes and funding in the tertiary institutions.


About Reza Ajie Saputra
I am a researcher of educational process. This blog has made to support my research.

5 Responses to The Important Of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in Language Teaching

  1. i think that your article can be referral for the study

  2. indriana91 says:

    if you become teacher, will you use ict in your learning? and what kind of ICT that you will use and why you choose it?

  3. resmiasari says:

    simple article but quiet give information. i agree with you that ICT enhances efficiency in a work place, it increases the speed of communication around the globe and it is helping teachers and students to keep up-to-date academic communication.

  4. As we know that ICT has many advantages, on the other hand, ICT is not reached to the isolated school. So the teachers have to think how to teach by using technology either in modern school and isolated school.

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